Carnaval to the Music Hall


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Track List

  1. Heroic Fanfare, Paul Murtha, arr. Chad Shoopman and Ryan Sharp
  2. La Vida Es un Carnaval, Victor Roberto Daniel, As performed by Celia Cruz, arr. Gary Mayne
  3. Puff the Magic Dragon, Peter Yarrow & Leonard Lipton arr. Brian Bindner
  4. Georgia, Hoagy Carmichael arr. Michael Moore
  5. A Pattern in Isolation, Tyler Gilmore (Commissioned by Spark Brass, 2013) Music Hall Suite, Joseph Horovitz
  6. Soubrette Song
  7. Trick-cyclists
  8. Adagio-team
  9. Soft Shoe Shuffle
  10. Les Girls
  11. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words), Bart Howard, arr. Jack Gale
  12. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,  E. Maschwitz & Manning Sherwin, arr. Jack Gale